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Tourism and Recreation:

Uncertain Future

Tourism and Recreation have been the backbone of Salt Spring Island's identity and economy. Relax, enjoy rural views, boating, nature, and the island feeling.

Chocolate Beach, Price Beach, Beddis Beach, and the north end of Ruckle Park (a point for regular Orca observations) are fully exposed to freighters. This is just the beginning. More permanent anchorages are planned around Salt Spring Island.

With industrial sights, noise and light pollution, and the chance of water pollution, many may feel that we are not really a get-away destination anymore.

Beddis Beach: 

Now with industrial sights and sounds.

Swimming or beach combing - still encouraged?

Salt Spring Island:
Losing status of a 'Get-Away' Destination?

End of Ecotourism B&B?

See what happened to our neighbours in Saltair, just across on Vancouver Island.

Is this our vision for Salt Spring Island?

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